Learning Series

  • Essential Learning Series by Kilsaran

The Essential Learning Series from Kilsaran International is a suite of training and professional development modules devised to enhance the core skills and knowledge of industry professionals. 


Designed to bridge the gap between the interpretation of industry standards and their implementation, this suite of seminars will provide a comprehensive overview of the evolving trends and common place issues currently affecting the construction industry.  Training is intended to balance theory and practicality and to meet the day-to-day needs of the construction professional.

This program will benefit all construction professionals who want to have a better understanding of today’s complex construction industry standards. It will examine the roles, responsibilities and perspectives of all parties. It will provide an overview of current industry standards, identify common issues and considerations, and offer practical tips and information for standard adherence and implementation.

2017 / 2018 Dates:


Module 1 - Bituminous Materials  Wed 8th Nov 2017 Complete
Module 2 - Masonry Products Wed 6th Dec 2017 Complete
Module 3 - Aggregates Wed 24th Jan 2018 Complete
Module 4 - Masonry, Rendering & Plastering Mortars Wed 21st Feb 2018 Complete
Module 5 - Ready Mix Concrete Wed 21st Mar 2018 Book Now 

Each training module is held at our state-of-the-art showrooms in Dunboyne, Co. Meath from 8.30 to 9.15 am on the day chosen.

Module 1 - Bituminous Materials

  • Bituminous Materials and their applications. 
  • Manufacturing and laying process. 
  • Standards
    • TII/DOE
    • EN
    • For non-road uses
  • Specifying Asphalt Materials - Design Considerations 
    • Traffic volumes and type
    • Pavement purpose
    • Durability, Appearance & Maintenance 
  • Product Certification 
  • Case Studies
  • Questions/Discussion

Module 2 - Masonry Blocks


Topics Discussed: Part 1 - General Masonry Update


  • Relevant Masonry Standards
  • Products & Strengths Generally Available
  • Overview of Requirements for Certification & CE Marking
  • Masonry Unit & Appropriate Mortar Selection
  • Sound, Fire & Air Leakage Basics
  • Site Practices & Durability




Topics Discussed: Part 2 - Thermal Properties of Masonry


  • Current Building Regulation Requirements
  • NZEB - 2018 for Public Buildings, 2020 for Residential Accomodation
  • Thermal Bridging Basics
  • Introducing the Kilsaran K-Block Lightweight Block
  • Worked Example of Alternative to ACDs Using a Leightweight Block
  • Energy Peformance & Economic Benefits When Using a Lightweight Block

Module 3 - Aggregates

  • European Standards overview for all aggregate products

  • Irish Standards, EN standard guidance

  • CE & DOP Interpretation

  • S.R.21:2016, what are the main changes

  • I.S.888:2016 what it covers  

  • TTI(N.R.A.) how they relate to the EN standard

Module 4 - Masonry Rendering & Plastering Mortars

  • Masonry Mortar & Rendering Mortar Materials

  • What Standards apply to rendering and masonry mortars

    • o EN 998-1 – Rendering Mortars

    • o EN 998-2 - Masonry Mortars

    • o EN 15824 – Rendering Mortars based on Organic binders

    • o EN 13914 – Design, preparation and application of external rendering and internal plastering

    • o SR 325 + EN 1996 (Eurocode 6)

  • Types of rendering and masonry mortars

  • Classification of rendering and masonry mortars

  • Specifying mortars and renders - Design Considerations

  • Product certification and independent testing

Module 5 - Ready Mix Concrete

  • Concrete Mix Materials - Current Specifications

  • I.S. EN 206-1 - An Update  

  • Ready Mix Concrete Product Range

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