Kilsaran Announces Partnership with CarbonCure

As part of our overall strategy to bring more sustainable solutions to our customers, we have announced the signing of a landmark partnership agreement with Carbon-Cure Technologies, the first of its kind in Ireland and the UK.  The project represents a €1m investment by Kilsaran and will create an additional eight jobs in the areas of project support and R&D. It allows us to deliver a lower carbon solution to its clients in the construction sector, a sector that is working hard to decarbonise.

Carbon-Cure Ready Mix is a technology that introduces captured carbon dioxide (CO₂), into fresh concrete while it’s being mixed. Once injected, the CO₂ chemically converts into a mineral, which permanently embeds within the mix and improves the concrete’s compressive strength. This allows reductions of carbon-intensive cement, resulting in the same reliable concrete product but with a smaller carbon footprint.

We have partnered with Carbon-Cure to offer our customers concrete, not only with a reduced carbon footprint, but also increasing long-term durability and reducing life-cycle impacts.

We will begin a phased rollout of Carbon-Cure with a trial period of production at two Kilsaran ready-mixed concrete plants in Dublin. A limited number of our customers will participate in this trial in 2022.

Commenting on the announcement, Keith Goodwin, Group Technical Manager, Kilsaran, said:

“The introduction of Carbon Cure will enable Kilsaran to offer their customers concrete that is not only better for the environment with a reduced carbon footprint but with increased long-term durability. Kilsaran has long been a leader in environmental best practice, having been the first concrete producer in Ireland to introduce GGBS, a by-product from steel production as a partial cement replacement over 20 years ago.”

Based on evidence from existing projects in the US, the Carbon-Cure solution typically reduces the GHG emissions impact of concrete by 4-6%, and in certain cases, as high as 10%. Goodwin advises that the use of Carbon-Cure can effectively reduce the CO₂ associated with a typical delivery of concrete by 120kg, adding up to a sizeable environmental benefit on the emissions of the overall construction project. “In an industry which accounts for a significant percentage of global emissions, such innovation is essential if we are to achieve our global carbon reduction targets”.

Recognising the critical importance of climate change for its customers and all its stakeholders, we are committed to playing an important role in driving sustainable innovation in its products and processes as part of the solution.  This initiative is only one of a number of measures that we are introducing as part of its wider corporate sustainability roadmap development.

For more information about Carbon-Cure from Kilsaran please visit https://www.kilsaran.ie/products/concrete-products-aggregates/carboncure/

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