Kilsaran’s Commitment to Safety: A Recap of our 2023 Performance and Vision for 2024


At Kilsaran, safety is not just a priority; it’s a core value embedded in our culture. Recently, the Health and Safety Team took a significant step towards ensuring a safer workplace by hosting a comprehensive review of our 2023 performance and unveiling our ambitious plans for 2024. This three-day event brought together Project Managers from our Roadsurfacing and Precast Divisions, fostering collaboration and setting the stage for our continued journey towards achieving Goal Zero.

Reflecting on Achievements and Setting the Course for 2024

The first day of the event saw the convergence of over 50 members, including Safety Team professionals, Directors, and Managers. Discussions centered around critical topics such as Incident and Accident Management, Plant and Equipment Certification, Training Certificates, Drugs and Alcohol Awareness, and our Kilsaran Goal Zero Program. The goal was not only to review our past performance but also to strategize on influencing behaviour in the upcoming year for a safer workplace.

Bespoke Safety Training for the Roadsurfacing Team

Our Roadsurfacing Team engaged in a bespoke Safety Training Day facilitated by Clive Kelly of Clive Kelly Safety. With 35+ Managers and Contractor Senior Managers in attendance, Clive emphasised the importance of Managing Risk on Roadsurfacing Projects. The session was not only informative but also a crucial step in ensuring that our teams are well-equipped to address potential challenges onsite. We extend our gratitude to Clive for his insightful and valuable contribution.

Embracing Continuous Improvement at the Safe & Sober Seminar

As part of our commitment to staying ahead of the curve, members of the Kilsaran Safety Team actively participated in the Safe & Sober Seminar on Drink Driving in Ireland. Hosted by the RSA and European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) at UCD, this seminar provided an insightful exploration of pertinent topics related to road safety. Considering our large fleet on the road, attending such seminars is a proactive measure to continuously improve our safety practices.

The three days were not just about reviewing the past but also about charting a course for a safer and more secure future. Kilsaran’s dedication to safety goes beyond mere compliance – it’s a proactive effort to create a workplace where every individual can thrive without compromising their well-being. As we embark on the challenges of 2024, our commitment to the Goal Zero journey remains unwavering, and we look forward to achieving new milestones in safety and excellence.

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