KPRO Grout Dry Pack 50

Product Application
Kilsaran KPRO Grout Dry Pack 50 is a packing mix specifically formulated for joint filling in structures, to eliminate the requirement of shuttering. It is ideal for use as follows;
• Jointing of precast panels
• Creating a shutter for grouting applications
• Bedding of precast concrete panels

Product Use
Suitable for use in temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. The substrate should be sound, clean, dry, and grease free. The area should be pre-soaked prior to application and have all ponded water removed. Mix the contents of a 25kg bag with 2.0-2.5 litres of clean potable water. Slight adjustments in water may be required to achieve the desired workability. Excessive additions of water will significantly reduce the strength of the hardened product. Kilsaran Dry Pack 50 is only suitable for use in a stiff mortar state, with only enough water added to enable cohesiveness in the mix. Once mixed place the fresh mortar mix in depths ranging from 5mm-100mm. Exposed surfaces should be given a tight float finish.

This product offers many advantages over conventional site mixed or ready-mixed materials:
• Eliminates inaccurate site mixing
• Suitable for jointing and bedding of panels
• Convenient and user-friendly
• Eliminates wastage

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