Kilsaran Lab Technician

Quality & Research

Finding the best solutions for our customers and bringing innovative and unique products to the market doesn’t happen by accident.

Quality, innovation, research & development

State of the Art Facilities

Kilsaran operate a number of construction materials testing laboratory facilities where both routine quality control testing as well as product development and research is carried out. In line with our core values we have invested heavily in modern facilities, fully up to date testing equipment and advanced software for the construction materials industry.

Cutting Edge Expertise

Our continued focus on product quality, innovation and industry advancement is supported by having one of the strongest teams in the industry. We employ a team of highly qualified and experienced Technical experts drawn from Civil Engineering, Concrete & Materials Technology and Quarrying backgrounds.

Testing & Quality Control

Kilsaran operates an integrated business structure and where possible our own raw materials are used in the manufacture of value added products. We carry out routine quality control testing of all aggregates, sands and fill materials to confirm that the product meets the relevant standard before use either as a saleable aggregate product or as a constituent in the production of other materials.

Independently Verified

Our Materials Testing and Quality Control Laboratories were awarded independent accreditation to the international quality management standard I.S. EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB) in September 2009. We currently operate 6 accredited testing facilities across our various sites including a dedicated laboratory exclusively for testing our paving and walling products and also to facilitate our ongoing R&D work to bring new and innovative products to the marketplace.

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