Essential Learning Series

Essential Learning Series

The Essential Learning Series from Kilsaran International is a suite of training and professional development modules devised to enhance the core skills and knowledge of industry professionals.

These modules will appeal to construction professionals who want to have a better understanding of today’s complex construction industry standards.  The six modules in the series include ready mix concrete, dry mortar products, SUDs, masonry products, asphalt and aggregates.  Each module is designed to bridge the gap between the interpretation of industry standards and their implementation, providing up to date information and an insight into future trends.

Masonry, Rendering & Plastering Mortars – Wednesday May 8th 2019 – Kilsaran Home Showrooms, Dunboyne Co. Meath, 8.00am.

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This event will cover the following:

Masonry Mortars

  • European & Irish Standards
  • Materials
  • Types of masonry mortar
  • Design considerations


Rendering & Plastering Mortars

  • European & Irish Standards
  • Materials
  • Types of rendering/plastering mortar
  • Design considerations
  • Exposure Conditions
  • Nature of Background
  • Durability, Appearance & Maintenance
  • Standards & Certification History
  • Hybrid Rendering Systems

Other Modules in the Essential Learning Series include:

Bituminous Materials

Masonry Blocks

Masonry Rendering & Plastering Mortars

Ready Mix Concrete


Dates for these additional modules will be confirmed shortly. 

If you would like to book any one or all of the above seminars for your staff please contact us on

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