Slane Block

Timeless Design

Introducing Slane Concrete Block Paving– a timeless design classic that never goes out of style. Its enduring popularity stems from its ease of installation, wide range of colours, and versatile shape, allowing for the creation of various patterns. These patterns provide exceptional interlocking strength, making Slane the perfect choice for commercial projects where durability is paramount.


Combining affordability with exceptional durability, Slane Concrete Block Paving is suitable for driveways, patios, and paths, offering versatility in both residential and commercial settings. Its crisp, clean lines and a smooth hard wearing surface, enabling the creation of stunning contemporary designs with maximum efficiency.

Designed to withstand heavy loading applications, including airports, service yards, and ports, Slane Concrete Block Paving is equipped to handle the toughest environments. Its chamfered edges minimise spalling and create a classical aesthetic, adding to its timeless appeal.

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Technical Specs

Product RangeDimensions (mm)Cluster Plan Size (64 Cluster Layout)m2 per packPcs per PackNo. LayersPack Weight (KG)
Slane200 x 100 x 505010.98550181030
Slane200 x 100 x 60509.36468151240
Slane200 x 100 x 80507.236091060
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