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Health & Safety

Human Performance in Health & Safety

People are our number one asset. How they interact with equipment, processes and each other is fundamental to a safe working environment. We have introduced techniques for our management teams to analyse and assess their operational risks to reduce the chance of incidents occurring. Continuous upskilling and personal development of all staff ensures we are well equipped to manage sites and equipment safely. A lead-by-example approach to working safely is a company expectation from the outset of employment.


Technology & Systems

Kilsaran invest heavily in world-class technology and systems for all of their processes and business areas. Some of the systems in place that focus on reducing risks are:

  • A high-tech online database for our Health & Safety Management system
  • A Fleet and Logistics Management database which records details on all of our fleet
  • Modern satellite/4G Driver performance and vehicle Tracking system
  • Investments in modern vehicles, plant and equipment
  • Best-in-class Insurance performance for Motor, Employee and Public liability

Contractor Safety

A significant amount of the hours worked by Kilsaran are carried out by contractors. Their skills and performance are vital to our ability to carry out our work safely and responsibly.

We define how our Health & Safety management system co-exists with those of our contractors to manage risk on a site, by applying a methodical and risk-based approach in determining the quality and competence of our contractors. For high-risk works, we conduct quality, technical, health, safety and security audits before awarding contracts. Once they start work, we continue to monitor their health and safety performance.

Risk Management

Kilsaran is a family owned company with a very interactive and proactive CEO and Board of Directors who make it their business to know about their operational risks on a daily basis. Decisions to implement improvements to Policies & Procedures and to ensure continuous development are made without delay, with open and 2-way communication regarding hazards and risk reporting encouraged and rewarded.

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