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Core Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Sale of Material/Product

1. Unless previously withdrawn quotations are open for acceptance within thirty days from their date, and the following terms and conditions apply to all sales to the exclusion of all previous proposals or communications. Variations or additional terms shall only have affect if approved in writing by a Director of Kilsaran Concrete.

2. Price Variation: Prices are those ruling at the date of the quotation. Customers will be notified of price increases which will be applied to this quotation,

3. Extra Cost: If the Company is required to make deliveries outside the normal working hours, the purchaser will be charged extra in accordance with the Company’s rates from time to time in force or as specified in the front hereof as appropriate. Such costs to be subject to variations in accordance with clause 2 above.

4. Delivery/Ownership:

(a) The Purchaser will provide a proper means of access to the Purchaser’s site, a safe and sound site and adequate manoeuvring space at the point of discharge. If in the opinion of the Company the access or site is unfit they may at their discretion refuse to complete the order. The full costs will be invoiced to the Purchaser in such an event.

(b) The Purchaser or an authorized employee or agent of the Purchaser shall accept delivery and sign the delivery note. The Purchaser shall be bound by the signature on such notes of any person appearing to the driver of the delivery vehicle to be authorized to sign the same unless the Purchaser has previously notified the Company in writing that only specified persons are so authorised. The Company reserves the right to charge for the provision of a copy delivery notes subsequently required by the Purchaser as proof of delivery.

(c) Save for death or personal injury or damage to property caused by the Company’s negligence, the Purchaser will indemnify the Company against damage or injury to the Company’s property or employees or the property or person of others including the Purchaser and its employees occurring whilst the Company’s delivery vehicles are on the Purchaser’s site or place of delivery or any access thereto.

(d) Without prejudice to the provisions of Clause 4(c) above the Company shall not be liable in respect of complaints relating to delivery of incorrect quantities unless it is notified within one working day of the time of delivery, such complaint to be confirmed in writing within five working days. Where such complaints are found to be justified the Company’s liability shall be confined to making good any deficiency in quantity,

(e) The ownership of the material shall not pass to the purchaser until payment has been made in full.

(f) Delivery vehicle shall mean any vehicle owned, hired or contracted to or by the Company for the delivery of materials.

(g) To ensure compliance with specifications, deliveries of concrete must be discharged fully within two hours of time of batching as shown on the delivery ticket or such lesser time as may be dictated by the particular specification. Unless the Customer has some immediate use for concrete, drivers accordingly have instructions to return to the Company’s plant two hours after the time of batching or such lesser time as dictated by the appropriate specifications. The full costs including the costs of disposal will be charged to the Purchaser in such circumstances. Concrete will be supplied within the consistence limits as set out in the Irish national annex to IS EN 206 with the concrete to be tested for conformity immediately upon arrival of the delivery to site.

5. Suspensions of Deliveries: Deliveries may be totally or partially suspended during any period in which the Company may be prevented or hindered from manufacturing, supplying or delivering the materials, due to breakdown of plant, non-availability of materials, labour disputes, fire, accident, inclement weather, transport difficulties or delays or any circumstances outside the Company’s control. The Company will make every effort to inform the purchaser should such an occasion arise but shall be under no liability to the Purchaser through failure to deliver in such circumstances.

Whilst every effort will be made to meet any delivery requirements, the Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage consequential or otherwise arising through its failure to meet such requirements.

6. Cancellation:

(a) Without prejudice to its rights at common law or otherwise the Company reserves the right to charge the Purchaser for all costs incurred as a result of the cancellation or variation of the whole or a substantial part of an order at whatever stage together with loss of profit and all other consequential loss.

(b) No cancellation of any daily requirement for supply can be accepted unless such cancellation is received at the Company’s works in time to prevent that order being batched, mixed or loaded. The Customer will be charged in full for any materials batched, mixed or loaded at the time of cancellation together with any costs of disposal.

7. Specification:

(a) Materials sold by us shall be of the type shown on the front hereof and shall accord with the specification stated as relevant by usage of the industry for the type stated.

(b) No specific warranty or guarantee is given other than in (a) above unless by express arrangement agreed in writing by the Company and all other warranties and conditions are hereby excluded whether expressed or implied by law or otherwise and in particular the Company acts only as a supplier of materials to the order of the Purchaser and knowledge for the purposes for which the materials are intended to be used does not imply any warranty on the part of that Company as to the quality or fitness for that purpose of the materials to be supplied.

(c) The company reserves the right to supply readymix concrete to any given project from more than one supply plant and to change the primary supply plant as operations require. Where such changes occur Kilsaran shall ensure that the original customer specification (where supplied) is adhered to. A change in supply plant may result in a change in raw materials and therefore some slight variation in colour of finished concrete elements. No guarantee of specific colour is provided for any concrete supplied.

(d) Changes to availability and supply of raw materials may result in the requirement to change input materials from those stated at the start of a supply contract. In the case of readymix concrete, the company reserves the right to change raw materials and quantities from those given as operational requirements dictate. This may result in the material type, source and specific content being altered from that given in a mix composition. It will not always be feasible to notify customers of each and every change and Kilsaran shall ensure that the original customer specification (where provided) is still adhered to. Changes to materials and quantities may also occur as necessary during the routine operation of EN 206 production conformity for readymix concrete.

8. Defects:

(a) The Company will accept no responsibility for faults in or failure of the materials due to use in unsuitable applications or to the handling, treatment or methods of placing adopted by the Purchaser after the materials have been delivered to site or loaded into any vehicle or receptacle provided by the Purchaser.

(b) The Company will accept no responsibility unless the alleged defects are notified to the Company as soon as possible after their discovery (but in no case exceeding thirty days from the date on which the materials were supplied) and a written complaint quoting the number of this quotation is received at the appropriate Area or Regional Office of the Company promptly thereafter.

(c) The Company will accept no responsibility unless it has been given an opportunity of investigating any alleged defect and of making representations as to any remedial action to be taken.

(d) If a defect in the materials should have been revealed by examination on delivery, the Company’s responsibility in respect of such defect shall be limited to the delivery of a fresh supply of materials to replace the defective materials (without prejudice to the necessity for compliance with the other provisions of this paragraph).

(e) Under no circumstances shall the company be liable for consequential loss arising from defects in the materials howsoever caused.

9. Workability / Consistence: The Company will accept no responsibility for the workability, strength or quality of its concrete if the Purchaser shall have added anything whatever to it. The Company’s drivers have instructions to make no alterations to a mix without specific authorisation by the Purchaser and such authorisation shall be at the Purchaser’s risk. In the event that the Purchaser or his representative demands the driver to mix and discharge the concrete at a workability different to that specified and ordered, the Company will accept no responsibility for the consequences of the concrete being supplied at a workability outside the tolerance of that specified in the quotation.

10. Testing:

(a) Any concrete sample(s) tested shall be taken during discharge from the delivery vehicle or from a central mixer in the case of concrete collected from the Company’s batching depot, in accordance with the relevant requirements of I.S. EN 206 and the relevant part(s) of EN 12350.

(b) Any sampling, making, curing and testing of concrete specimens shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant part(s) of EN 12350 and EN 12390.

(c) Concrete test results shall be interpreted in accordance with the conformity requirements of I.S. EN 206 or any replacement thereof or any other specification previously agreed in writing between the Company and the Purchaser.

(d) All concrete block testing shall be conducted in accordance with the relevant EN 772 standard against the requirements of EN 771-3 or any replacement therof.

(e) All aggregates testing shall be supplied and tested in accordance with the relevant and current European standard or Tii specification.

11. Discharge:

The time allowed for the discharge of the Company’s Ready-mix Concrete vehicles from arrival on site is 45 minutes. The Company may charge for any detention in excess of the period allowed at the rate of € hour(charge denoted on valid Quotations or in accordance with the company’s rates) at increments of 15 minutes using round up/round down. The time allowed for discharge of the company’s concrete block vehicles is forty-five minutes. The Company may charge for periods in excess of the period allowed, in accordance with the company’s rates from time to time in force.

12. Payment: 

Unless otherwise agreed, terms are nett thirty day account with payment to be received by the Company not later than the fifteenth day of the month following the month of delivery. The Company reserves the right to refuse to execute any order or to suspend or discontinue deliveries it the arrangements for payment or the Purchaser’s credit is not satisfactory to the Company or the Purchaser’s account is overdue for payment and to charge interest on any balances overdue for payment at the rate of 2% per month.

13. Efflorescence

Efflorescence is a naturally occurring phenomenon where temporary white deposits may appear on the surface of a concrete product. This is inherent in concrete products, and is not a product defect. Where a product is exposed to weather, these deposits are gradually washed away by rain and weathering. On products such as concrete blocks, efflorescence should be removed with a brush prior to rendering. Kilsaran advise against the use of harsh chemicals to remove efflorescence.  Kilsaran cannot accept responsibility for these natural occurrences and do not replace products with efflorescence.



Paving & Walling Core Terms

Product Installation
All products should be carefully inspected for defects or damage upon delivery and prior to being laid or fitted.
All products should be installed in accordance with the latest Irish & British Standards.
Kilsaran must be notified within 48 hours of any problems or issues.
Surface Scratches
Minor scuffs or bruises may occur during installation. In Kilsarans experience, these marks usually weather off over time.
Colour & Blending
Kilsaran uses high-quality photo stable iron oxide pigments to create the various colours in the paving products range. As with all concrete products, our paving products may be subject to slight colour variation due to the natural variation in raw materials used and from weathering over time. These are natural occurrences inherent in all concrete products, Kilsaran cannot accept responsibility for these natural occurrences.
When laying, in order to achieve an even blend of colour, it is essential to work equally from a minimum of three packs, laying evenly from each.

Stonescape products are, in the main, designed to replicate the look and feel of natural stone. As such the colour variation created in the products by different curing rates, site conditions and seasonal manufacture serves to enhance the natural stone effect of the products.

Initial Cleaning
When an area has just been paved, allow it to settle for a few days and if desired lightly hose down the paving to remove sand excess sand or dirt.
Treat the area with weed killer suppressant 2-3 times per year as required.

General Cleaning
Paving requires regular maintenance, including regular sweeping to prevent the build-up of detritus. Kilsaran recommends that paving is cleaned 2-3 times per year.
For general cleaning of dirt and algae, vigorous brushing with a stiff yard brush with plenty of hot detergent solution (washing up liquid or non-bio washing powder), thoroughly rinsed with clean water should suffice.
A light power hose at medium pressure is all that is required to clean general dirt and grime. Any jointing material which is removed must be replaced.
Do not use high pressure power-washers as aggressive power-washing can damage the product surface.
Light coloured paving blocks and flags can emphasise tyre marks and oil spills on driveways. Please note that these products will need more maintenance if overall appearance is to be maintained.

Paving Sealer
We recommend that you protect your paving with our range of enviro-friendly aftercare products.
Our sealer offers all-round protection. It is a water-based impregnating treatment for concrete paving units. Without changing the colour or texture of the surface it provides a liquid and oil resistant surface.  It is Ideal for use on driveways, patios and paths.
Properly applied sealer will protect the surfaces from weathering and will require less cleaning and maintenance over time.

Efflorescence is a naturally occurring phenomenon, where temporary white stains may appear on the paving product surface. This is inherent in concrete products produced with natural materials, this is not a product defect.
Over time, these stains are gradually washed away by rain and weathering. Kilsaran cannot accept responsibility for these natural occurrences.

Moss, Lichen and Algae
The growth of moss, lichens or algae usually only occurs on paved areas which are not regularly trafficked by vehicles/pedestrians, and where there is shading or insufficiently drained paving.
Where growths of this kind are encountered Kilsaran provide an Anti-Moss cleaner.  The Anti-Moss solution should be carefully applied as per the applications instructions.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
We strive to provide the best products in the market backed up by superior customer service. If our products or service do not meet your expectations please contact us directly.
All complaints must be notified to Kilsaran without delay. Contact us.

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