KPRO Grout NSG 2601-HF

Product Application 

Kilsaran KPRO Grout NSG 2601-HF is, a non-shrink construction grout, designed for use in thicknesses ranging from 10mm – 100mm, in the following applications;

  • Large baseplate grouting for
    stanchions, plant and machinery
  • Anchoring of reinforcing steel
  • Jointing of precast concrete
  • Fixing rails and bolts
  • Bedding of precast concrete
  • Duct filling for pre-stressed and
    post-tensioned elements.
  • Soil, ground and rock anchoring
  •  Underpinning

Product Use
Suitable for use in temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. Ensure all surfaces are clean and free from dust, dirt and grease. Pre-soak area to be grouted a minimum of 2 hours before installation to avoid absorption. To achieve a high fluidity grout mix the contents of a 25kg bag with 3.2-3.5 litres of clean potable water. Using excessive water (above 0.2 water/solid ratio) will affect the product’s overall performance. Mixing should be carried out in a suitable container by forced action using a paddle or high shear vane mixer, or grouting pump. The powder should be added gradually to the measured water in the mixing vessel and mixed for 5 minutes until a smooth, cohesive consistency is achieved. Once mixed no further water should be added.

Baseplate: Ensure that a sufficient supply of material will be mixed to avoid interruption when filling. Always pour from one side and use air vents were necessary to avoid air entrapment. Pour from a height to ensure maximum compaction and use a rod to aid filling. Do not vibrate the grout. Temporary levelling shims should be greased if they are to be removed after grout hardens.

Formwork:  As the grout is a free-flowing, it is important to ensure the formwork is sufficiently prepared to avoid leaks. A sacrificial concrete mix can be used to fix the baseplate shutter or as a bern. Keep unrestrained areas around the baseplate to less than 150mm.

Curing:  Should be as per standard practices for cement-based products. Grout should be protected from strong sunlight and cold weather.


  • Non-Shrink formula
  • High early and ultimate strength
  • High flowability with no segregation
  • Can be pumped or poured
  • Long term durability
  • Convenient and User-Friendly
  • Eliminates wastage

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