Ceresit Ceretherm Impactum

A unique insulation system with exceptional flexibility, strength and impressive impact resistance to over 100 J. It protects the building like a helmet, ensuring safety even in the most demanding weather conditions and when at risk of strong mechanical damage. All these guarantee extreme durability and aesthetics for the insulated facade.


  • extreme durability
  • extreme flexibility and impact resistance to mechanical damages (100 J) & weather/
  • temperature abrupt changes & thermal stresses
  • strengthened with carbon, glass and polyacrylamide fibres
  • extreme UV resistance
  • highly hydrophobic (deep structural hydrophobisation)
  • extremely low water uptake of the system
  • high resistance to biological contamination (structure & structural hydrophobicity)
  • self cleaning & dirt resistant
  • excellent working parameters
  • quick & convenient in installation ( rendering mortar R2U – no priming paint)
  • possible use of dark and intense colours (HBW‡ 5%) on facades


A erated concrete (dry) well ventilated building, concrete, ceramic bricks and ceramic blocks.


Single family houses, blocks of flats up to 11 floors (up to 25 m) and public buildings.
Especially recommended for: buildings located in areas with high temperatures differences, tough weather conditions and strong UV exposure, buildings located in high air humidity areas and buildings located in air polluted areas (close to roads, industrial areas).
Strongly recommended for: socles, fronts of buildings and entrances

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