Our Logistics team provides a just in time delivery service to destinations across Ireland and the UK.

The comprehensive product management system used in the production facility allows our logistics personnel to monitor the status of all individual precast members throughout the production process. A barcode label is assigned to each item as it enters production. The barcode is scanned at each workstation, and the items location is then updated on an online database.

The payload for a typical delivery is 25t. This translates to approximately 75m2 of twinwall. A standard shipment has a maximum width of 2.9m, with the precast panels stacked horizontally. The Precast elements for each delivery are positioned on the trailer in an order that mirrors the required on-site sequencing. Larger panels or panels with significant openings are transported vertically in specially designed stillages to minimise the risk of damage to the panels during transit.

We operate daily dispatches to the UK through a number of core haulage partners. All of the delivery vehicles are fitted with satellite tracking systems that provide real-time information on the location of individual consignments. Our factory location, near the M6, gives immediate access to the Irish inter-urban motorway network. This provides an uninterrupted high quality carriageway directly to Dublin Port.

Our Haulage partners maintain a network of intermediate storage depots throughout the UK. We generally dispatch deliveries from our Oranmore facility 5 days prior to the required on site date. The cargo can then be held in one of the intermediate short term storage depots until required by the client. This also provides some flexibility for last minute client requests to postpone delivery due to weather delays on site etc.

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