K-Seal prevents ingress of surface contamination, including water, oil and graffiti to porous wall, floor and paving substrates.

K-Seal is BBA approved and CE Marked to meet all EN 1504-2 concrete industry standards.

  • Reduces maintenance time and associated costs by up to 80%
  • Reduces surface degradation
  • Prevents airborne dirt Chewing Gum and Graffiti from adhering to the surface
  • UV resistant
  • Prevents surface deterioration
  • Invisible protection
  • Suitable for high levels of foot traffic 



The Store Street plaza area in Dublin 2 has been sealed including the granite spheres which act as bollards. The area is cleaned once a week. A two-man crew with a truck mounted power washer took four hours to clean the plaza. Since the area has been sealed it takes the crew around forty minutes to wash down the plaza as food and drink staining is not embedded in the stone and does not require the concentrated effort that was previously required to remove it. The saving has been in time and allows the crew to move on to other areas instead of spending a half a day on one location.” – John McPartland Dublin City Council

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