Piling Concrete


Kilsaran offer a wide range for piling mixes, designed for CFA piling and bored piles. Kilsaran piles mixes are designed to assist contractors to work with all ground conditions

Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piling can be installed relatively quickly, the piling technique has a low vibration which enables the method to be applied near existing buildings.

The flight auger is rotated into the ground at the required depth , as the auger is withdrawn the concrete is pumped through a hollow shaft at an applied pressure to prevent the pile from collapsing or void forming in the concrete. A steel reinforcement cage is then inserted in the concrete pile.

Rotary Bord piles are generally a larger diameter pile than CFA piling, bored piles they are designed to support greater loads.

The method of construction is to screw a steel sleeve into the ground. While this is occurring the core barrel excavates the material from the casing. The steel reinforcement is then inserted into the sleeve and the concrete is poured using a tremie pipe method to the required level.

Product Application:

High workability concrete design which reduces pumping pressures that assists with the placement of pile cages in all ground conditions. Typically piling concrete is designed to have a high sulphate resistant.

Product Features:

  • Improved workability
  • Improved cohesion
  • Reduces water loss from concrete
  • Reduces aggregate segregation
  • Reduces pump blockages

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