KPRO Street Rapid Setting Jointing Mortar

Product Application
Kilsaran KPRO Street Rapid Set Jointing Mortar (Paving Grout) is designed for the jointing of pavements units constructed with clay, natural stone, granite setts, concrete flags and paving bricks. Paving grout is formulated to meet the requirements of BS 7533 parts 7 & 12. Kilsaran Rapid Set Jointing Mortar can be used in the following applications;
• Jointing of natural stone setts and slabs
• Joints to kerbing
• Jointing of concrete flags
• Jointing of clay pavers

Product Use
Suitable for use in temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. Ensure the paving is free from any dust, dirt or grease, presoaked and having all ponded water removed prior to application. Rapid Set Jointing Mortar (Paving Grout) should be mixed with approximately 4.25 litres of clean potable water, per 25kg bag of material, for 3 minutes to reach a lump free flowing consistent slurry. Do not remix or add additional water to the mix. Only mix enough Rapid Setting Jointing Mortar (Paving Grout) which can be placed in within 10 minutes. Pour the fresh paving grout onto the prepared paved area and chase into all joints with a soft brush or squeegee. Ensure joints are full, allowing for settlement and remove any excess material with the squeegee once joints are full. Spray a mist of water onto the area at all times to aid the cleaning process. When the joints are sufficiently hard (this could be as soon as 15 minutes) remove any residual material with a constant flow of water and a diagonal sweeping action. A specifically designed belt cleaner can also be used. Timing and experience are critical to ensure no staining occurs. Once cleaned inspect all areas to ensure all excess mortar is removed.

Paving grout offers many advantages over conventional site-mixed or ready-mixed rendering mortars:
• Rapid Setting – Initial set in 15 minutes
• Shrinkage compensated
• Light foot traffic in just 1 hour
• Complies with BS 7533
• Long term durability
• Convenient and user-friendly
• Eliminates wastage
• Promotes cleaner and safer sites

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