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Kilsaran HSBC – 300 ton
Kilsaran Priming Slurry – 3200kg
Kilsaran Jointing Mortar – 190 ton



City Architects Division, Dublin City


In addition to the aesthetic considerations for this public area, the design had to allow for Heavy Goods Vehicles on the narrow streets, along with a car parking area on Haymarket.

Antique Setts (reclaimed by Dublin City Council) were used, laid on a rigid base as provided by Kilsaran, to provide a durable long lasting pavement that also retained the historic character of the area.

The solution provided incorporated the following : (1) BS7533 was adopted for the design of the road base along with the Bedding and Jointing Materials.; (2) the Kilsaran Streetscape system was used for the Bedding Concrete and Jointing Mortar for the Antique Dublin Setts; (3) a 3-step procedure involved priming the base of the setts , laying on the fresh bedding concrete and then filling the joints using the BS7533 slurry jointing procedure.

Kilsaran also took into account environmental concerns relevant to the project. The Company advised the use of the Kilsaran SiloMix system which provided an on-demand solution for the 300 ton of High Strength concrete required for the project. This delivery system eliminated the need for disposing of 12,000 25kg bags of concrete mix. The Silo solution also guaranteed that dust was kept to a minimum.

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