KPRO Repair CSM-120

Product Application

KPRO CSM-120 is a rapid setting floor patch repair mortar formulated explicitly for internal and external use. CSM-120 is a self-compacting repair mortar used in a wide range of applications between 10mm and 100mm in depth. Some of these applications include;

  • Internal and external repair to cementitious floor screeds
  • Localised reinstatement of areas of screeds and concrete slabs
  • Repairs to concrete stairs, steps, and reconstruction of their edges
  • Filling and patching of chases and holes in concrete floors
  • Repairs to concrete pavements, ramps, and parking areas

Product Use

Suitable for use in temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. Cut back the area to be repaired to provide a straight edge with a minimum depth of 10mm (do not feather edge the material). Priming is not typically required on roughened surfaces; however, on smooth, dense or very absorbent substrates, the use of a bonding agent is recommended. Expose and remove any corroded steel in the area to be repaired. Remove all loose scale and corrosion deposits. Steel should be cleaned to a bright condition, including the back of exposed steel bars, using an abrasive-blasting technique. Add the contents of a 25kg bag to 3.75-4.00 litres of clean potable water. Mix the material for 1-3 minutes in a suitable drum mixer or use a suitable paddle mixer until a stiff mortar consistency is achieved. Only mix enough material to allow application/installation within 5-10 minutes. For applications more significant than 50mm, CSM-120 can be bulked out with a 30% addition of Kilsaran 3-5mm grit.CSM-120 should be placed and finished within 5-10 minutes of mixing. Once mixed, place the fresh material onto the prepared substrate and trowel firmly into position, ensuring full contact with the substrate is made.


  • Pre-mixed product only requiring the addition of water
  • Rapid Setting and Rapid Strength development properties
  • Excellent bond to concrete surfaces
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Chloride free

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