Our People

Our facilities and our people form a formidable team to keep Kilsaran at the cutting edge of the building industry.

Kilsaran actively encourages a culture of equality for all, where employees are recruited, developed, remunerated and promoted on the basis of their skills and suitability for the work performed. The Company is committed to making full use of the talents and resources of all employees, and to ensure that no employee receives objectively unjustified less favourable treatment on the grounds of their gender, race, colour, ethnic origin, membership of the travelling community, civil status, family status, disability, religion, sexual orientation, age, nationality, part-time or fixed-term status.

All employees are made aware of the provisions of this policy and are required to ensure that this policy is carried out in its entirety.

A Day in the Life

Here is an overview of what some of the key people at Kilsaran get up to on a daily basis.

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