Derek Curran

Derek Curran joined the Kilsaran team in 2014, starting life on the finishing lines of the paving plant. He has since risen through the ranks at Kilsaran with hard work and the support of senior management and his co-workers.

Away from the day job Derek enjoys putting his hands to good use, having recently completed the renovation of his own home. A talented rugby player in his youth, he still has a passion for the sport and enjoys nothing more than watching a good game of rugby as often as he can. We recently caught up with Derek to discuss his experiences at Kilsaran.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

In my role as Site Supervisor, I work across multiple construction projects within Kilsaran as we continue to develop and modernise our plants and processes. My favourite part of the role is seeing a project come to fruition is extremely rewarding. Being part of a project from the inception stage to seeing a building, plant or machine, materialise from drawings is so satisfying. It definitely makes all the hard work and effort worthwhile with the plant life team.


What is it like to work for Kilsaran?

No two days are the same in Kilsaran. There is always something new and innovative happening. In my role, I have the opportunity to work with multiple departments in Kilsaran which allows me to develop and learn through constant collaboration.

As the saying goes, ‘variety is the spice of life’. There is never a dull moment here as you are always facing new challenges and striving for new solutions

How has Kilsaran supported that development?

I joined Kilsaran as a General Operative and now I am working in a new role as a Site Supervisor. I went to IT Sligo to study part-time and obtain my degree in Construction Management. Not only were Senior Management supportive of my studies, they recognised my new skillset and provided me the opportunities to develop and build a career within this company.

I am continuing my study with IT Sligo thanks to the continued support of Kilsaran Management.


Any advice to those considering a career at Kilsaran?

Go for it! Having worked in a few roles and across different teams in Kilsaran, I can attest that it’s a great place to work. The people make a workplace and Kilsaran have some of the best people in the construction and production industry who are always happy to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with me. I look forward to my new role bringing a new start to the next chapter in my career with Kilsaran.

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