RRC 60 (Rapid Reinstatement Concrete)

Product Application
Kilsaran RRC 60 is designed for use as a reinstatement
concrete, and in particular can be used as per clause 1032
and 1106 of the NRA specification for road works (2000).
Kilsaran RRC 60 is ideal for;
• Reinstating footpaths, driveways, patios
• Surface surrounds of posts, railings and bollards
• Surface surrounds to services in footpaths, e.g. hydrants
• Reinstating surfaces, where early trafficking is required.

Product Use
Suitable for use in temperatures between +5°C and +30°C.
Ensure the area is free from any dust, dirt or grease, and predampened
prior to application. The use of a suitable primer
(such as Kilsaran Priming Slurry) is recommended for smooth
substrates prior to placing. Kilsaran RRC 60 should be mixed
with 2.75-3.15 litres of clean potable water per 25 kg bag, to
achieve a workable concrete mix. Mixing can be carried out
by a rotary or paddle mixer or by hand. Only mix enough
material that can be placed within 5 minutes. Once mixed
place the fresh material in the prepared area to a depth of
25mm-100mm. It is recommended to cut or scable existing
concrete to a depth of at least 10mm before placing RRC 60,
as feather edge finishing is not recommended. Once placed,
the reinstated area should be cured with a water based curing
membrane and protected from premature drying and cold
weather. It is recommended that the area is also cured in
accordance with clause 1027 of the NRA specification for
roadworks (2000).

This product offers many advantages over conventional site-mixed or
ready-mixed rendering mortars:
• Rapid Setting – Final set in 15 minutes
• Shrinkage compensated
• Light foot traffic in just 1 hour
• One part component
• Long term durability
• Poly fibre modified
• Eliminates wastage
• Freeze thaw resistant

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