Dublin Airport Balfour Beatty SMA

DAA. Apron Taxilane ¾ Package 4

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The Kilsaran Road Surfacing Team is working with Balfour Beatty Ireland, reconstructing and improving taxilanes and aircraft stands as part of the DAA’s program of airport campus enhancement, which will facilitate the growth in passenger numbers that Dublin Airport is currently experiencing.
Our road surfacing team constructed these areas consisting of the placement of the stone subbase, and a pavement consisting of 220mm of bituminous material on 300mm of Cement Bound Granular Material (CBGM).
The photographs show the Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) surface course being placed in echelon which ensures that all longitudinal joints in the surface course are hot, enhancing the durability of the final surface. This phase of the works involved placing 6500 sq. m of surface course in one shift.

Kilsaran are also supplied Lean Mix Concrete and PQ Concrete to this project in the Airport. 

Dublin Airport Balfour Beatty SMA
Dublin Airport Balfour Beatty SMA
Dublin Airport Balfour Beatty SMA

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