Cladding Mortar

Our superior quality pre-mixed Cladding Mortar is produced
at our state-of-the- art production facility at Brownstown in
Co. Kildare. The product is manufactured using dried sands,
lime, cement and additives. All constituent materials comply
with the requirements of the relevant and current Irish, British
and European standards and specifically EN 998-2:2003.

Product Application
Prior to application over unpainted and unsealed concrete
and masonry surfaces, all loose material, dirt, dust, grease
and efflorescence must be removed. Paint and sealers must
be completely removed.
Dampen the concrete, masonry or scratch coat substrate
with a fine spray of water, but do not soak. Use a trowel to
apply a layer of mortar on the substrate, and a thick base of
Cladding Mortar on the back of the cladding stone.
When installing large stone on a vertical surface, apply a thick
ring of mortar around the back of each stone, leaving a void
in the centre to create a vacuum as you press the stone into
place; start at the bottom of the wall and brace each stone
as you go up.
Stone must be set within 20 minutes of applying mortar bed.
Press the cladding stone firmly into the mortar bed in a
twisting motion. Joints between stones should be a
consistent 12 mm or less.

Product Use
Kilsaran Cladding Mortar is designed for;
• Interior and exterior walls
• Application of lightweight veneer stone, cladding stone, brick slips,
sills etc.

This product offers many advantages over conventional site-mixed or
readymixed mortar:
• Consistently high quality
• Constantly available supply
• Eliminates inaccurate site mixing
• Reduction in labour
• Increases site efficiency
• Convenient and user-friendly
• Eliminates wastage
• Promotes cleaner and safer sites

Technical Data
Our Cladding Stone Mortar is produced in an ISO 9001 quality-controlled
environment. The product is supplied in a natural grey colour but other
colours are available on request. Our Cladding Stone Mortar is intended for
use internally or externally on suitably prepared backgrounds, such as, a
concrete block or a bonding render scratch coat and it will exceed the
strength requirements of a designation (i) mortar.

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