Kilsaran announce new Specification Team

Kilsaran International have recently announced the appointment of Chris O’Reilly to the role of Specification Sales Manager (Paving & Walling) and Mark Harewood to the role of Specification Sales Representative (Paving & Walling).

Chris joined Kilsaran in September 2006 and has worked in a number of roles with the company ever since. In 2008 he was appointed to the role of Quality Control Supervisor, a role he held until 2014. He was then appointed to the role of Technical Manager. Chris has developed a wealth of experience and knowledge within the Paving & Walling business. Chris has over 16 years’ experience within the building and construction industry and holds primary qualifications in Quality & Project Management.

Mark joined the company in April 2011. Since then he has held the role of Paving & Landscape Designer. Over the years Mark has developed strong relationships with clients and he has an excellent knowledge of Kilsaran’s extensive range of products. He has over 20 years’ experience working has an Architectural AutoCAD Technician and holds a BTEC HND from the University of Ulster. In his new role as Specification Sales Representative Mark will be responsible for the geographical area of Meath to Galway North including Northern Ireland.

This new team have been working hard on the development of K-Seal, the new range of factory pre-sealed paving from Kilsaran.  Pre-sealing reduces surface degradation and prevents airborne dirt including chewing gum and grafitti from adhering to the surface as well as leaving the surface UV resistant. One of the major benefits of sealing paving products is the massive reduction in maintenance time and associated costs, up to 80% in some cases. 

‘The appointment of Chris and Mark to these roles comes as an exciting time for Kilsaran as we prepare to launch our new pre-sealed paving range K-Seal to the market. Both Chris and Mark have a wealth of knowledge and experience of our extensive paving and walling range, quality control, design, manufacture and installation’ Says Andrew Goode, Head of Sales Paving & Walling (Ire + UK) for Kilsaran.

To book a CPD with Chris or Mark, order some paving samples or indeed find out more about the new K-Seal pre-sealed paving range contact or visit


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