Kilsaran CarbonCure used by Ballymore at 8th Lock Apartments

8th Lock, a prestigious residential development in Dublin 15 by Ballymore is one of the first major projects in Ireland to use Kilsaran CarbonCure, a pioneering sustainable concrete solution. 

CarbonCure Ready Mix is a technology that introduces captured carbon dioxide (CO₂), into fresh concrete while it’s being mixed. Once injected, the CO₂ chemically converts into a mineral, which permanently embeds within the mix and improves the concrete’s compressive strength. This allows reductions of carbon-intensive cement, resulting in the same reliable concrete product but with a smaller carbon footprint.  

Kilsaran has partnered with CarbonCure to offer its customers concrete, not only with a reduced carbon footprint, but also increasing long-term durability and reduced life-cycle impacts. To date CarbonCure has prevented over 174,000 tonnes of CO₂ being released into the atmosphere, with millions more set to be sequestered into the future. 

Commenting on the collaboration with Ballymore, Keith Goodwin, Associate Director with Kilsaran, said:  

“As part of our overall strategy to bring more sustainable solutions to our customers, we are delighted to be working with Ballymore on the 8th lock project. Our partnership with CarbonCure offers our customers concrete that is not only better for the environment with a reduced carbon footprint but with increased long-term durability”. 

For more information about CarbonCure from Kilsaran please visit our Carboncure page which has FAQ’s, How it works, and Availability.

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