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DuraRend Classic offers a cost effective system suitable for low movement risk. It is produced at our state-of-the-art production facility at Brownstown in Co. Kildare. Kilsaran DuraRend is produced using dried sands, lime, cement and additives. Admixtures and water-proofers are added into the mix design to manufacturer’s specifications. All constituent materials comply with current Irish, British and European standards.

System Components

1. Kilsaran DuraRend

Cementitous polymer modified sand and cement render applied at 15-25mm thickness.

2. Primer

  • Ceresit CT16 Primer: Synthetic resin dispersion with mineral fillers and pigments.

3. Render

Ceresit CT74 Silicone, CT79 Elastomeric, CT174 Silicate-Silicone etc.



  • The DuraRend Classic system brings the benefit of a low maintenance, weather resistant color render with a moderate budget.
  • The Classic system should primarily be used where there is a low risk of substrate movement.


System Overview

1.  Application Areas 

  • Masonry Substrates of blockwork and brickwork.
  • New build and existing structure

2.  Application

  • Kilsaran DuraRend should be applied in a single coat application – providing a level substrate for top thin coat render. Allow adequate time for curing prior to priming.
  •  Coloured Primer applied by brush and allowed to dry for 2 – 3 hours

3. Render Finish

  • Stone or rustic texture in a large range of colour options.
  • Render applied by machine or trowel and textured to desired finish.

Durarend Brochure

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