GSI drill rig


The Irish Geological Heritage Programme spearheaded by the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) sets out to protect and promote important geological sites representing different geological topics across the country.

One of Kilsaran’s working quarries is identified as a County Geological Site. In this case the rocks provides a window into a unique and dramatic episode in Ireland’s geological past – of volcanic islands within an ancient closing ocean that brought the two separate halves of Ireland together. The ongoing extraction enhances this geological value through fossil collecting and research opportunities.

To this end Kilsaran has agreed to support and allow access to a geological research team which will improve our knowledge and interpretation of events 400 million years ago.

Co-operation between Kilsaran and the GSI is not a new thing, over a number of years from 2002, the Company backed a quaternary mapping project in the northeast. The finished products included a detailed map of the superficial deposits across County Louth, which is available to purchase from the GSI.

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